Travel Tips for a Less Stressful Airport Experience

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Travel Tips

As the CEO of BigRentz, Inc., Dallas Imbimbo is responsible for the oversight of a national firm that supplies customers with equipment rentals online. Outside of his professional life, Dallas Imbimbo enjoys spending time pursuing his favorite hobbies, including traveling.

Traveling often ranks highly on lists of the world’s most popular hobbies. While visiting foreign destinations can yield many educational and personal benefits, getting through the airport can induce a great deal of stress. In order to make it through airport security and onto the plane more quickly, travelers can follow several useful tips.

Prior to embarking on a trip, check the TSA’s list of prohibited items to make sure that no questionable items have been included in your carry-on bags. Additionally, prepare for a quick progression through security by wearing comfortable clothing that is free from metal studs and buttons. It is also helpful to wear shoes that are simple to remove and put back on to save time.

Travelers who want to avoid crowds should consider purchasing airline tickets for weekdays that are less busy than others. Tuesdays and Wednesdays typically present travelers with more affordable ticket options and tend to be less busy than Mondays or Fridays.


Kush Bottles’ Custom Packaging Promotes Brand Recognition

An experienced business leader, Dallas Imbimbo currently serves as the CEO of BigRentz, Inc., and SeetheX, LLC. Dallas Imbimbo is also the founder and chairman of Kush Bottles, a medical wellness packaging and pharmaceutical accessories company based in California.

In a recent article, Kush Bottles discussed the importance of its custom packing solutions in relation to branding and customer retention. The article explains that custom labels are an affordable and effective way for companies to improve brand recognition, distinguish themselves from competitors, and keep their brand in a customer’s vicinity for an extended period of time.

To emphasize the importance of branding and packaging, the article cites a study from the Missouri University of Science and Technology that found an average consumer establishes an opinion about a business’s brand in under two-tenths of a second. The article states that Kush Bottles can create custom packaging for any product, such as concentrate containers and barrier bags. With logos and contact information, the packaging can also serve as a more effective and permanent business card.

A Capable Team Guides BigRentz Construction Rentals

As the president of, Dallas Imbimbo has assembled a multi-talented group of professionals to run the business. A former NCAA basketball player who founded a moving company while still in college, Dallas Imbimbo brings an entrepreneurial perspective and a strong team ethic to his work at BigRentz.

The vice president of operations, Nick Kovacevich, also won plaudits playing college basketball. He led his team to a spot in the Sweet 16. Later, he took a position directing operations at a basketball camp. He now manages the day-to-day activities at BigRentz.

Stephen Jesson, the executive vice president of BigRentz, has considerable experience in the business world. He served as the cofounder of a cellular phone company and later developed the business model that guides BigRentz.

Jeremy Logan, the man in charge of key accounts at BigRentz, opened his own collegiate textbook supplier in his senior year of college. When he graduated, the company served three campuses and had a retail store.

The company’s sales manager, Van Truong, has 13 years of experience in a similar position at Best Buy. His many awards include a Best of the Best honor.

Finally, Rohan Mishal, the company’s operations manager, studied economics at the University of California. He went on to head training for an automotive startup before joining BigRentz.

Forklift Rental: What to Look For

BigRentz Forklift RentalUnder the direction of company CEO Dallas Imbimbo, supplies customers across the country with rental equipment of all sizes, including forklifts, excavators, backhoes, and boom lifts. Dallas Imbimbo and the team at find the lowest prices on rental equipment so the customer does not have to deal with getting quotes and equipment from multiple vendors.

The process of renting a forklift can be simplified with some advance preparation and knowledge. The most important factors in selecting a forklift for rent are the amount of weight it must bear and the height it must reach. Additionally, the operating surface will determine whether the forklift will require cushion tires or pneumatic tires. Cushion tires are ideal for indoor surfaces like concrete, whereas pneumatic tires work best with rougher terrain and outdoor settings. The power source is another option to consider. An electric forklift must have a handy power source, from either a recharger or a plug-in outlet.

Additional equipment, such as lights, backup alarms, or other warning devices may be available to rent with the forklift. arranges delivery to the worksite, but delivery charges, sales tax, and other fees are not included in the list price. Call (855) 999-LIFT for a quote on forklifts and other equipment.

Kush Bottles – Largest Medical Wellness Container Distributor in U.S.

Kush BottlesBased in Southern California, successful entrepreneur Dallas Imbimbo serves as CEO of such companies as and See The X, LLC. Dallas Imbimbo is also the CEO of Kush Bottle.

Kush Bottles distributes pharmaceutical-grade bottles and is the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of medical wellness containers. The company offers a diverse selection and the lowest prices on the market for quality packaging. Containers are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, including squeeze-top bottles and reverse-cap bottles. Additionally, the online news site Healthcare Packaging recognized Kush Bottles for supporting childproof packaging for medical products. Items from Kush Bottle’s online store ship to the U.S. and Europe.

Dallas Imbimbo and the entrepreneurial minds behind the endeavor have 35 years of combined business experience. Along with great customer service, the enterprise continues to dedicate its efforts toward delivering high-quality products at low prices.