A Capable Team Guides BigRentz Construction Rentals

As the president of BigRentz.com, Dallas Imbimbo has assembled a multi-talented group of professionals to run the business. A former NCAA basketball player who founded a moving company while still in college, Dallas Imbimbo brings an entrepreneurial perspective and a strong team ethic to his work at BigRentz.

The vice president of operations, Nick Kovacevich, also won plaudits playing college basketball. He led his team to a spot in the Sweet 16. Later, he took a position directing operations at a basketball camp. He now manages the day-to-day activities at BigRentz.

Stephen Jesson, the executive vice president of BigRentz, has considerable experience in the business world. He served as the cofounder of a cellular phone company and later developed the business model that guides BigRentz.

Jeremy Logan, the man in charge of key accounts at BigRentz, opened his own collegiate textbook supplier in his senior year of college. When he graduated, the company served three campuses and had a retail store.

The company’s sales manager, Van Truong, has 13 years of experience in a similar position at Best Buy. His many awards include a Best of the Best honor.

Finally, Rohan Mishal, the company’s operations manager, studied economics at the University of California. He went on to head training for an automotive startup before joining BigRentz.