Forklift Rental: What to Look For

BigRentz Forklift RentalUnder the direction of company CEO Dallas Imbimbo, supplies customers across the country with rental equipment of all sizes, including forklifts, excavators, backhoes, and boom lifts. Dallas Imbimbo and the team at find the lowest prices on rental equipment so the customer does not have to deal with getting quotes and equipment from multiple vendors.

The process of renting a forklift can be simplified with some advance preparation and knowledge. The most important factors in selecting a forklift for rent are the amount of weight it must bear and the height it must reach. Additionally, the operating surface will determine whether the forklift will require cushion tires or pneumatic tires. Cushion tires are ideal for indoor surfaces like concrete, whereas pneumatic tires work best with rougher terrain and outdoor settings. The power source is another option to consider. An electric forklift must have a handy power source, from either a recharger or a plug-in outlet.

Additional equipment, such as lights, backup alarms, or other warning devices may be available to rent with the forklift. arranges delivery to the worksite, but delivery charges, sales tax, and other fees are not included in the list price. Call (855) 999-LIFT for a quote on forklifts and other equipment.