Kush Bottles – Largest Medical Wellness Container Distributor in U.S.

Kush BottlesBased in Southern California, successful entrepreneur Dallas Imbimbo serves as CEO of such companies as BigRent.com and See The X, LLC. Dallas Imbimbo is also the CEO of Kush Bottle.

Kush Bottles distributes pharmaceutical-grade bottles and is the nation’s largest wholesale distributor of medical wellness containers. The company offers a diverse selection and the lowest prices on the market for quality packaging. Containers are available in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, including squeeze-top bottles and reverse-cap bottles. Additionally, the online news site Healthcare Packaging recognized Kush Bottles for supporting childproof packaging for medical products. Items from Kush Bottle’s online store ship to the U.S. and Europe.

Dallas Imbimbo and the entrepreneurial minds behind the endeavor have 35 years of combined business experience. Along with great customer service, the enterprise continues to dedicate its efforts toward delivering high-quality products at low prices.