Travel Tips for a Less Stressful Airport Experience

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Travel Tips

As the CEO of BigRentz, Inc., Dallas Imbimbo is responsible for the oversight of a national firm that supplies customers with equipment rentals online. Outside of his professional life, Dallas Imbimbo enjoys spending time pursuing his favorite hobbies, including traveling.

Traveling often ranks highly on lists of the world’s most popular hobbies. While visiting foreign destinations can yield many educational and personal benefits, getting through the airport can induce a great deal of stress. In order to make it through airport security and onto the plane more quickly, travelers can follow several useful tips.

Prior to embarking on a trip, check the TSA’s list of prohibited items to make sure that no questionable items have been included in your carry-on bags. Additionally, prepare for a quick progression through security by wearing comfortable clothing that is free from metal studs and buttons. It is also helpful to wear shoes that are simple to remove and put back on to save time.

Travelers who want to avoid crowds should consider purchasing airline tickets for weekdays that are less busy than others. Tuesdays and Wednesdays typically present travelers with more affordable ticket options and tend to be less busy than Mondays or Fridays.